January 24th, 2011

The audience at the Palace of Versailles that November of 1973 was star-studded, too: plenty of American socialites, one of the richest women in France, and the former Grace Kelly, now Princess Grace of Monaco…But as important as those ladies were, the event was transformed by the presence of several African-American models. According to Harold Koda, curator in charge of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, at the evening’s end, fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, who’d dreamed up the event, described it this way: “It was as if, on this cold night, all the windows of Versailles had been blown open”…Around 200 people will gather Monday at the Costume Institute to celebrate these black models whose work that night made American fashion a contender on the world stage…

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art: Bethann Hardison photographed by Bruce Weber

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