September 11th, 2012

"I worked with Tyler Perry last summer on this film called Alex Cross. While we were shooting, he told me that he had just recently re-watched Brothers McMullen and he asked me why that in 15 years, I hadn’t revisited the world that Brothers McMullen and She’s the One had, that Irish-American working-class milieu…I didn’t have a reason…He said, ‘Please take some advice from me. Think about super-serving your niche. I would imagine that a lot of Irish-American folks out there, who felt a connection to those themes and characters, would love to see another of those kind of films from you.’ The moment he said it, I wasn’t writing anything, but I knew he was right. I walked into my trailer, opened my laptop, and wrote the first draft in six weeks…it kind of unfolded…”

more from Ed Burns.

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