January 29th, 2013

"Michael Jackson was the most brilliant artist of our time. He went through tons of abuse in early childhood that scarred him for life, monumentally overwhelming success, public scrutiny, and various surgeries. That can take over someone’s psyche and isolate him. On top of that, he had an army of yes men who were there to grant his every request. Yes, Michael, yes, Michael, yes, Michael, yes. There was absolutely no one who stood up and told Michael Jackson reality. When sales of Invincible completely stalled, I was the one who had to deliver reality. I was the one who had to say, “No, Michael, we cannot and will not put millions more into the promotion of this album.” When somebody who’s accustomed to hearing only yes suddenly hears no, it’s only natural for him lash out.”

more from Mottola, here.
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    “We all should have embraced Napster instead of trying to kill it.”- Truth from Tommy Mottola.
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