May 7th, 2011

…First, this sets sustainability where it belongs: at the heart of geopolitical strategy. It’s not something environmentalists do, not some act of altruism to be indulged when times are good, not some costly add-on to industrial civilization. It is a necessary precondition for achieving prosperity,  influence, and real security. “Perhaps the most important first step we can take, as part of a National Strategy,” the authors say, “is to identify which of [America’s] resources are renewable and sustainable, and which are finite and diminishing.” Among the renewable resources they include human capital (the energy of youth, the inventiveness of entrepreneurs) and natural capital (sun, wind, forests). This is a way of thinking that cuts across traditional boundaries, reframing things in terms of what can sustain us over the long-term and what can’t. It sets energy in the same context as other strategic assets. Smart.


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