July 21st, 2014
We are all on that train, the one that left print behind, the one where we are constantly in real time, where we know a little about everything and nothing about anything, really. And there is no quiet car.
July 9th, 2014

the project i’m working on with my husband is called HRDCVR.

thanks to our kickstarter backers, in addition to creating a soul-crushingly brilliant hardcover culture magazine for the new every1, we’re offering four virtual-ish fellowships. we’re taking apps now for two of them: the above, in writing & research, and there’s one for social media as well. coming soon: one in design, and one in content leadership.

please see this page for fellowship and other opportunities.

also: here’s the hrdcvrlife tumblr.

June 14th, 2014

The solution was simple: “30 minutes and post it.” End of story.


May 10th, 2014

‘A new new, for the new everyone,’ is how Danyel Smith describes her venture to create a concept magazine in the form of a book, ‘an extreme print experience.’ A crowd-funded, one-time published product, she wants to ‘reject the niche’ and ‘reject mainstream’ because ‘it’s about the multi-stream.’ Passion dripped from her eyes as she teared up at the notion that ‘everyone is equally interesting. In my opinion, hrdcvr is poised to revolutionize what we have come to know as journalism and what we call print.”

Tre’Vell Anderson

hello, theSmithian community,

the above is my project, with my husband. the woman in the video is me, Danyel Smith. pls watch. also:

the tumblr is here

the twitter is here

most importantly, the Kickstarter is here and we need your support to make HRDCVR happen. It’s going to be beautiful and smart and amazing.

April 25th, 2014
I’m a mixture…of the classics and the modern. I’m also a mixture of the childish and the very adult, the cultured and the non-cultured, the Japanese and the non-Japanese. I’m also interested in leadership. Leaders will come from the arts and design. I believe in what I call a creative leader…a traditional leader is concerned with being right. The creative leader is more concerned with being real; people who are creative are comfortable being themselves.

John Maeda (via hrdcvrlife)

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April 6th, 2014

…the exhibition will be organized in six thematic sections: Revival and Reinterpretation; Rising in the East; Glamour and Fetish; Architecture; Metamorphosis; and Space Walk.


April 4th, 2014

The Tiny House Movement covers a lot of territory and almost every homebuilder approaches their project from a different perspective, be it a desire to live off the grid and practice environmentalism in as pure a lifestyle as possible, to live within one’s own means without accumulating the high debt and stress a huge home encourages, to recycle as much discarded materials as possible and to practice the teachings of Thoreau and fully engage the spirit of DIY and individualism, amongst them.


March 26th, 2014

…mushroom terrariums…These little bits of nature, in textile form, are the work of Paris based textile designer/artist Lyndie Dourthe.


March 21st, 2014

…full-sized folding electric bike w/wireless smartphone integration…the aluminum bike…comes w/its own app and USB port for both Android and iOS phones.


February 26th, 2014

MEXTRÓPOLI will…forge links between citizens and architects, designers, urban planners, sociologists, anthropologists, artists and politicians, and will examine the question of what a desirable metropolis could be. MEXTRÓPOLI also aspires to position Mexico City as an epicenter of architecture and a leader in creative transformation…


February 26th, 2014

need a new #TheSmithian logo/brand emblem

if you have ideas, hit me up here, or at danyel at stanford dot edu.

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