October 1st, 2013

'The Republicans’ reckless obsession with destroying health reform and with wounding the president has been on full display. And as the public’s anger grows over this entirely unnecessary crisis, it should be aimed at a party and a speaker that are incapable of governing.'


September 28th, 2013

…any story that presents this as a normal “both sides are to blame” recurrance of bipartisan gridlock, or as the object of rational-actor negotiation between Obama/Reid on one side and Boehner/McConnell on the other, says more about journalists’ reflexive fear of not seeming even-handed than about the reality we should be trying to describe.


July 16th, 2013
…the Hispanic media perceives that approving or rejecting immigration reform is in the hands of John Boehner. When you listen to local radio stations and even national media, most of us are concentrated on…Boehner. We don’t even have a problem pronouncing his name.
Jorge Ramos, anchor, Univision
April 5th, 2013

'Just a few hours after the White House released its official budget, which included the social security cuts that liberals hate…'

…House Speaker John Boehner rejected it out of hand, saying it doesn’t go nearly far enough…There’s not even lip service paid to the fact that Obama is risking mutiny in his own party by putting Social Security on the table…


There’s no way Boehner even had time to read the whole thing.


April 2nd, 2013

'…who does [Speaker John] Boehner think is going to pay the greatly increased bills when bridges start collapsing, taking lives with them?'

…what does he think is going to happen to an economy where goods can’t easily be transported from one city or state to another because the nation’s rail and roads and bridges aren’t up to the task? There’s a reason the Chamber of Commerce and unions agree on the importance of infrastructure investment: It’s incredibly important not just for job creation but for private profits…Republicans used to support far, far more extensive infrastructure spending. But now? They’re more interested in hurting Obama than helping the nation.


February 20th, 2013

Either John Boehner actually believes the transparent nonsense he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, which would mean the Speaker is alarmingly ignorant about the basics of current events, he’s deliberately trying to deceive the public, counting on Americans to be foolish enough to buy demonstrable falsehoods.

more, plus link to Boehner’s op-ed, here.


art: by Chris Piascik

February 13th, 2013
They deserve a simple vote.

President Barack Obama

That phrase may serve as the rallying cry for 2013. Obama’s legislative strategy in his first two years, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, was mostly about trying to convince a few Republicans to support his agenda. The next two years, when Republicans controlled the House and Obama was politically weaker, were mostly spent trying to negotiate halfway compromises with John Boehner. If last night was any indication, the two years to come will be far more confrontational.

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